XFlow Chemistry

A company specializes in research of application of new catalysts and technology development of flow chemistry.

The R&D centre is located in Shanghai International Medical Zone, and laboratories are well-equipped with CSTR, PFR, microchannel reactor, continuous air oxidation reactor, continuous Grignard reactor, fixed bed reactor, trickle bed reactor, continuous photo reactor, and other state-of-art technology. The 5000 m2 factories in Jiangxi Province is also under construction.

The team at XFlow has rich experience in process development and optimization, and in-depth industry knowledge in working principles of chemical reactions and microchannel reactions.Xflow strives to help customers implement multi-step continuous process for multiple products, realizing the upgrading and transition of traditional batch processes to continuous flow technology through continuous improvement and innovation of flow process development. Meanwhile, Xflow also assists customers in new catalyst process development, establishing the safe and green commercial production from laboratories, and aiding in the sustainable development of products.

Corporate Culture
  • Vision: To be a reliable customized supplier of continuous flow technology, products and services worldwide
  • Mission: To create and improve the industrialization platform of continuous flow technology to realize the continuous, intrinsic safety and automation of the whole factory process
  • Business Philosophy: Technology drives innovation, continuous flow makes sustainability
  • Values: Customer oriented, lean production, treat every project with care
Our continuous flow team has extensive experience in process development and an in-depth understanding of continuous flow microchannel reactor operating principles. We specialize in integrated chemical process and engineering design, process and engineering design of continuous flow chemistry, and are proficient in engineering design, plant operation management, process safety management, and project management for the entire pharmaceutical industry chain.