Nitration Reaction
  • Process:

    HNO3-H2SO4 nitrification(Homogeneous);

    HNO3-H2SO4 nitrification(Heterogeneous);

    Thin nitric acid nitration;HNO3-HAc nitration;

  • Equipments:

    Microchannel Reactor;Tubular Reactor;

    Microchannel+Tubular;CSTRsCSTRs + PFR

  • Advantage:

    Process safety of nitrification reaction;

    Post-treatment;Waste acid recovery prcess package

Oxidation Reaction
  • Process:

    Air/O2 oxidation;H2O2 oxidation ;O3 oxidation;

    HNO3 oxidation;Tempo oxidation;Swan oxidation;

    Column Reactor;Tubular reactor;Trickle bed;

  • Advantages:

    Heat and mass transfer enhancement of heterogeneous system in tubular reactor;

    Countermeasures for product precipitation after oxidation;

    Research and development of supported oxidation catalysts;

    Safety control strategy of air oxidation Column;

    Continuous air oxidation & overall design of continuous distillation;

PhotoChemical Reaction
  • Process/Equipments:

    Reactor/Column Reactor- internal light(CSTRs);

    Tubular Reactor- External light(PFR);

    LOOP Reactor- External light;Microchannel- Laternal light;

  • Advantages:

    Mechanism of various photo reactions;

    Selection and design of various photoreactors Design and manufacture of various mercury lamps, LED lamps and cooling systems;

    Spectrum test, transmittance test;Configuration of various filter fluids; Scale-up from lab-size to industrial-size;

Diazotization Reaction
  • Prcoess/Equipment:


    Tubular Reactor;

  • Advantage:

    After the diazonium salt is prepared, it is continuously hydrolyzed to phenol hydroxyl;

    Two steps in a row;The hydrolysis yield increased;

Hydrogenation Reaction
  • Equipments:

    Gas-Liquild Ejector;Reactor;

    Trickle Bed(Gas liquid solid three phase);

    Fixed Bed(Gas-Solid);

    High pressure CSTRs;

  • Advantage:

    Continuous filtration and discharge system of catalyst;

    Online continuous filtration batch or continuous production;

    Process suitable for H2 / NH3 / CO2;

Esterification Reaction
  • Disadvantages of traditional esterification process:

    Endothermic reaction;Equilibrium reaction;Long time;

    Alcohol needs to be excessive;Continuous dehydration is required;

    Sulfuric acid catalyst requires alkaline washing of the organic phase;

  • Reactive Distillation Process:

    Column type continuous dehydration;

    The reaction heat is used as the heating of the distillation Column;

  • Fixed Bed Process:

    Solid acid as fixed bed;

    Alcohol (excess) gas enters from the bottom; Azeotropic with water from the top;

    Acid enters from the top of the bed;Continuous ester discharge from Column kettle;

Friedel-Crafts Reaction
  • Advantage 1:

    Using solid acid catalyst, designed as a fixed bed;

    Does not use a large amount of AlCl3;

  • Advantage 2:

    Using ionic liquid catalyst;

    Does not use a large amount of AlCl3;

Grignard Reaction
  • Advantage:

    Continuous synthesis of Grignard reagent;

    Magnesium chips are added and reacted continuously;

    Avoid causing problems;

    Using Grignard reagent continuously;Grignard reagents without transfer and storage;

Bu-Li Reaction
  • Advantage:

    Using microchannel reactor or tubular reactor;Continuous process;

    "Butyl lithium hydrogen extraction" and "coupling" were carried out in two steps;

    Increase the reaction temperature and avoid the use of liquid nitrogen;

    Regular automatic cleaning;

    Safe and reliable, with minimal liquid holdup;

Reductive Amination Reaction
  • Advantage:

    Using preferred catalyst;

    Fixed bed process;

    Reduction-amination completed at one time;

    High efficiency;

Solid Acid Catalyst
  • SO42- /MxOy solid Acid:

    Non corrosive equipment;Stable to water;

    The preparation is simple;Easy to separate from the product;

  • Application of solid acid:

    Esterification reaction;Transesterification reaction;

    Friedel-Crafts reaction;Catalytic nitrification;

    Alkane isomerization;

Lonic Liquid Catalyst
  • Advantage:

    Tasteless,nonflammable,extremely low steam pressure;

    Can be used in high vacuum system;

    Good solubility for both organic and inorganic substances, and can make the reaction proceed under homogeneous conditions;

    Wide operating temperature range (- 40 ~ 300 );

    Good thermal stability and chemical stability; Easy to separate from other substances;

  • Application:

    Hydrogenation reaction;Friedel-Crafts reaction;

    Diels alder reaction;Asymmetric catalysis;

    Electrochemical research Acid gas capture and separation;

Continuous extraction
  • Two basic processes of extraction:

    Extraction;(solubility,mass transfer coefficient)

    Separation;(density difference,flow)

  • RDC Rotary extraction Column Design:

    RDC Rotary extraction Column Design;

    Centrifugal extractor Design;

Continuous Concentration
  • Continuous Concentration:

    Continuous Concentration;

Continuous distillation
  • Advantages:

    Stable product quality;

    Low energy consumption;

    Large production capacity;

Continuous crystallization
  • Advantages:

    The main crystal particle size stablable

    Good particle size distribution;

    Small amount of mother liquor;

    High production capacity;

    Low operation cost;

    Process easy to control;